Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay from NJPW 2019

This was for Kota’s NEVER Openweight Championship.

They had two options with this one. They could either do an insane stunt show where each guy pulls out all of their best stuff and goes a million miles an hour the whole match. Or they could do what they did. And go for a more methodically paced match designed to come across as some epic.

On one hand, you kind of have to hand it to NJPW for creating excellent satire. These guys are so over the top in their facial expressions and body language that it becomes absolutely hilarious watching them trying to portray this epic contest. A lot of the action was cool of course, but it was undercut so much by how this match was being presented as some dramatic contest when everything they did between the movez seemed goofy. It was a very easy watch though and an entertaining way to start the show. (***)

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