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Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler from USA Championship Wrestling 2015


From David Bixenspan:

Last night saw one of the more hyped southern independent shows f the year, as Bert Prentice’s USA Champioship Wrestling (formerly Music City and NWA Worldwide when he had syndicated TV) ran a show dubbed an All-Star Tribute to Lance Russell. To salute the 89 year old legendary announcer, he put together a show at he Oman Arena (formerly the Jackson Coliseum), which used to be a regular stop in the Jerry Lawler/Jerry Jarrett territory based out of Memphis.

Besides the tribute to Russell in the city where he started announcing wrestling, the big attraction was the main event: Terry Funk, at 71 years old and wrestling for the first time in over 10 months, returned to face his greatest rival in the area, Jerry lawler. It was the first match between the two in just over four years. Continue reading