Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson from NJPW 2019

This was a 2019 G1 Climax match.

In the preview tag the day before, they set this tournament match up beautifully. Mox blew his big lead in the G1 Climax. He was pissed, but he appeared to be committed to doing what he needed to do to defeat Juice. He went after Juice’s injured knee during *and* after the tag.

The match then played out beautifully based on that setup. Moxley went after the knee and was very focused. The moment Juice started to show some life though, Moxley went for the weapons. He wanted a table and chairs to assist him.

Moxley got a reprieve though from losing focus. Juice was so concerned about how he was perceived by the fans that he took the time to put away the weapons. The fans and referee may have liked that, but that gave Moxley more time to go after the leg and did that he did.

Moxley took his eye off the ball unfortunately. He assumed victory when he had a chinlock/stf applied. But Juice had *JUST* managed to grab on to the ref’s pants to prevent being called for the KO. Moxley walked away and then blamed the referee instead of just finishing the match.

Moxley then went to the weapons again. This time Juice was in no position to put the weapons away. Moxley once again could have just finished Juice off. Instead, Juice fought back and managed to pull off Pulp Friction to steal the victory. Or more accurately, Jon, much like the B Block, gave the match away.

Jon Moxley and Juice Robinson are FAR from perfect wrestlers. But they understand what they have to do to make sure their matches together work. (***3/4)

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