Shingo Takagi vs. Toru Yano from NJPW 2019

This was a 2019 G1 Climax match.

Toru Yano will likely be the MVP of the tournament at this rate. Takagi had never had a proper singles match with him before so he was more prone to Yano’s tomfoolerly. At first, they paid off the t-shirt stuff from Yano’s G1 match with Takagi’s stablemate two days earlier.  Yano almost stole the match that way.

Yano then managed to brilliantly bait him to the floor, and then he almost stole the match yet again by creating an obstacle course for Takagi to have to get through in order to beat the 20 count. Takagi just managed to get back to the ring.

From there, Takagi tried to get the better of Yano with more traditional wrestling, but he learned the hard way that Yano has some skill. Takagi then was forced to do some Yano shenanigans of his own with BUSHI in order to pick up the victory. Such good stuff. (***1/2)

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