PAC vs. Will Ospreay from RPW 2019

In a general sense, this had some decent ideas that probably will work well for RPW. On a micro level though, this match was just kind of dumb and too broad to take seriously given how desperate Will Ospreay in particular wants to be taken seriously.

The first half of the match was designed just how so very important this match was. How do we know it was important? They working very slowly! They did standoffs! And neither guy worked like they were trying to win!

PAC eventually got control and then worked over Ospreay. By PAC standards, this was a shockingly fine heat segment in that it was not actively annoying. They began to build to a big final stretch that included¬†C.C.K.¬†interfering because they’re mad at Ospreay or something, Ospreay using the finishers of much better wrestlers than him (what a total fucking dork), and then finally PAC doing whatever he had to do to avoid eating the loss until it finally ended in a time-limit draw.

The idea of former golden boy flyer coming back to take on the new golden boy flyer sets up a lot of possibilities. This match had a severe tone/mood contrast issue. The wrestlers were desperately trying to make this seem so deadly serious, but the mood given off by the combination of Ospreay’s hilarious facials, the whole All-Star Finishers sequence, and the interest completely took away from it. This really could have been a lot worse mind you given PAC’s newfound being sinfully boring issues and Ospreay being Ospreay, but well, there’s no excuse for this not being fun without reservation. (**)

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