AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn from WWE 2018

This was a handicap match for Styles’ WWE Championship.

This was an indefensible match in every way.

On paper, it was an inexplicably stupid sounding match. In execution, it somehow became more boring than stupid. That is the perfect combination if you are trying to make an absolutely terrible world title match on the second biggest wrestling show of the year.

One might have hoped with these three, they would have just tried to bust out everything in their arsenal to deliver a wild match in spite of the stupid setup. Instead, they just worked a “logical” handicap match with TAFKA Steenerico working as methodically as possible.

They did somehow manage to get the crowd to care somewhat about the nearfalls and whatnot, but this was an embarrassment to everyone involved. Anyone involved in making this match happen should be removed from power. [AJ defeated Owens with a fruit roll-up to win despite Owens not being the legal man.] (1/4*)


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