Oney Lorcan vs. Kassius Ohno from WWE 2017

Kassius Ohno’s second run in the WWE has been nothing short of a major disappointment. He’s not been in positions to showcase his abilities properly. The company barely seems to be interested in him at all. And the combo of those two factors would naturally lead one to conclude that his best days could be fully behind him.

Then a match like this happens, and you remember that, buried (WORDPLAY~!) deep inside, this manĀ is still the best in the world.

The match was a bit of a slow burn. Neither guy was in a rush to go for something big. Ohno finally started to target Oney’s left arm and that gave him a leg up.

Ohno never did a massive amount of damage though which meant Oney never fell too far behind. When he finally had an opening, Oney delivered a massive uppercut and then managed to tackle Ohno through the ropes and to the floor.

From there, the battle was on. They both were throwing big fucking shots at each other. They paced everything perfectly. The crowd was losing their minds more and more right through the end. Then they rewarded them with two great final moments.

As things got closer to the end, Oney threw caution to the wind and just NAILED Ohno with a diving swanton to a standing Ohno. It really helped to sell the desperation and desire to win there.

Ohno did not panic though. Oney tried to finish him with the blockbuster, but Ohno held his ground and grabbed him by the left arm he had been worked over early. Then he delivered the death blow elbow. Just great. (****)


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