Kagetsu vs. Konami from Stardom 2017

You can watch this match here.

This was a Cinderella Tournament 2017 First Round Match.

These two had a fun dynamic with the more experienced Kagetsu taking on the much newer Konami. Unfortunately, they did an extremely convoluted finish to mostly ruin what came before it .  Kagetsu managed to get the ref distracted and Konami then kicked Kagetsu’s briefcase by mistake which caused her to injure her leg. Kagetsu won after that via fruit roll-up. Nonsense finishes like that are really never fun, and this match did not produce enough outside of that to compensate in any way. (**1/4)

[Note: Every non-final, Cinderella Tournament match has a ten-minute time limit and is contested under Final Four Rules.]


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