Io Shirai vs. Jessicka Havok from Stardom 2017

You can watch this match here.

This was a Cinderella Tournament 2017 Quarterfinal Match.

This had a funny final sequence but was a very disappointing match overall. After some weak and half-hearted monster spots with Havok, Io decided upon a new strategy.

Io literally tried to get Havok worn down by running around the ring, baiting Havok to chase after her, and then getting away at the last second. Havok played along for some reason despite Io’s intentions being perfectly clear which made Havok look exceptionally dumb.

Io finally decided Havok was worn down enough to attempt to get her over the top rope and to the floor. She could never get Havok down to the floor though, and the attempts eventually led to them both crashing to the floor for the double elimination. This was not good at all. Woof. (*)

[Note: Every non-final, Cinderella Tournament match has a ten-minute time limit and is contested under Final Four Rules.]


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