Hana Kimura vs. Io Shirai from Stardom 2017

You can watch this match here.

This was a Cinderella Tournament 2017 First Round Match.

This was a very well done match and unsurprisingly the standout first round match. It started differently than just about every other match that came before it. Hana was doing some taunting with her back to Io. Io promptly tried to just toss her over the top rope and came very close to doing so. It was a hot way to kick off the match.

From there, Io seemed to be in complete control, and you got the sense that she could wrap this one up rather easily. Instead though, Hana came storming back and almost won several times via sending Io to the floor. Io just barely managed to hang on time and time again before getting back into the ring and finishing Hana off with the moonsault. Lovely match. (***1/2)

[Note: Every non-final, Cinderella Tournament match has a ten-minute time limit and is contested under Final Four Rules.]


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