Mr. Anderson vs. Marty Scurll from Ring of Honor 2017

This was for Scurll’s ROH TV Championship.

This was a complete and utter embarrassment for Ring of Honor. The story of the match was literally, “Who could be the most obnoxious douchebag?”

The pre-match segment was all about them doing dueling introductions for themselves. They proceeded to have an incredibly shitty brawl. There was a very labored ref bump so that Anderson could get a phantom pinfall on the ROH TV Champ. They then decided to try to out-cheat each other in a ridiculously long final stretch of the match. Scurll eventually won after a kick to the dick and the shittiest inside cradle you ever did see.

After the match, Anderson walked around the ringside area trying to get people to look at his now injured dick.

Do not give your money to Ring of Honor. (DUD)


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