Matt Riddle vs. Drew Galloway from Evolve 2017

This was an I Quit match for Riddle’s WWN Championship.

This was a fine match but well below the standards you would expect from a Matt Riddle or Drew Galloway match. Drew dominated the majority of the match. Riddle tried to win via Bro Mission Outta Nowhere. Galloway hit him with the microphone. Galloway steadily became more and more outraged at like as he could not put Riddle away. He eventually started yelling at the referee which allowed Riddle to lock in the Bro-Mission one more time for the win.

In theory, that all reads fine and makes you question the first sentence of the review. Well, there were several problems with this one.

The biggest issue with the match was just the general lack of energy in this one which was surprising given the competitors. It made the match dragged to a degree and made it not all that fun.

The next big issue was that the referee saved Matt Riddle at one point. Galloway had tied Riddle up in the ropes (a perfectly legal maneuver in an I Quit match). The referees are mad Galloway for attacking them or something though so this match’s referee took it upon himself to untie Riddle himself. Woooo. Scintillating stuff.

Finally, there was a moment late in the match where Galloway went to the outside and grabbed a fucking sledgehammer. You see, this guy who was cast as a VILLAIN for being anti-corporate wrestler for months on end suddenly jumped ship from the indies to rejoin WWE. So, Evolve needed to explain that and then make it extra fucking dumb and hacky. You may be thinking, Evolve was put in a tough spot. Totally agreed. All they had to do was not sell their soul to a corporate overlord and none of this would have happened. (**1/2)


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