Kyle O’Reilly vs. Keith Lee from Evolve 2017

On the whole, this was a fine way for Kyle to return to Evolve. He got to display his in-ring intelligence in that he was constantly testing out strategies to metaphorically tackle his giant of an opponent.

Keith Lee meanwhile is stuck in what could be a majorly counterproductive storyline where he’s “lacking the killer instinct” to capitalize on his talent which is why he can’t get a winning streak going.

The finishing sequence was super bizarre but worked out well in an odd way. Kyle accidentally kicked Keith Lee in the “people’s anaconda.” The referee called for the disqualification. Keith wanted the match restarted. Kyle, playing the bitter veteran who is sick of wrestling, just kind of went in on Keith after the restart which gave Kyle’s work a much needed kick in the ass. This newfound sense of urgency from Kyle led to him picking up the win.

This was a good match, but these two could do something really special in a compact package. (***1/4)


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