Kengo Mashimo vs. Takao Omori from AJPW 2017

This was a 2017 Champion Carnival match.

This was a rather lifeless brawl as Takao Omori continued his very sad run of 2017. He appears to be completely toast, as he really just is no longer able to compensate for his lack of mobility anymore. It makes his matches a drag and waste of time sadly.

This match at least had a pretty decent story to give it some redeeming value. Mashimo was in control for so long and Omori did not have much in the way of options. So, Omori decided to give Mashimo a piledriver on the apron, on the floor, and then a third one in the ring for good measure.

That would have been a killer finish, but the match tragically soldiered on for what seemed like three hours in order to force a 20-minute draw. Absolutely brutal match. (1/2*)


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