Zack Sabre Jr. vs. KUSHIDA from RPW 2017

This was for Zack’s RPW British Heavyweight Championship.

This was a frustrating effort from these two. They took a REALLY long time to get going first of all. A feeling-out process does at least make more sense in a first-time matchup. The passionless manner in which it was executed here though did not make this particular match any more satisfying.

From there, they started going after each other’s arms to set up their submissions. The match did at least pick up here and became much more enjoyable. The passion and energy did not pick up more though which continued to limit the potential of what these two could do together. Combine that with the unnecessarily dragged out and methodical final act (that in no satisfying way paid off all the arm work) and you have yourselves an underwhelming contest. Zack won via bridging pin. (**1/4)


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