Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Hirooki Goto from NJPW 2017

This was for Goto’s NEVER Openweight Championship.

The story of this one was that Zack basically went all in on the arm strategy, and Goto just did not act explosive enough to dictate the terms of the match. Zack managed to dominate the whole thing as a result, and Goto only got a handful of trademark moves in. Things were going just peachy.

Suzuki-gun showed up to ruin things and run amok as they are wont to do. This was beyond irritating. Goto managed to OVERCOME THE ODDS though and then put Zack away cleanly. This  whole thing was fine until the interference. (**1/2)

Minoru Suzuki and Goto brawled after the match so Zack was a red herring for the real title feud.


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