Matt Riddle vs. Michael Elgin from AAW 2017

Watch this match here.

After their really good match earlier in the year, they had a lot to live up to here. They did not really come close to that level, but it was a perfectly solid midcard effort.

They were not going too hard for a while. It was basically like watching a television version of their PPV match in Glory Pro. It was fun if not really notable in any way.

All of a sudden, they started dropping each other on their heads and no-selling stuff in the final minutes that caused the crowd to lose their minds. The head drops were fun obviously; the no-sell stuff on the other hand felt really forced and unneeded though. Those moments are best used sparely as it is, and they cynically seemed like a crutch here after a relatively tame match.

Oh well, this was still good enough overall. Elgin won via Elgin Bomb. (***)


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