Oney Lorcan vs. Drew McIntyre from WWE 2017

No one is doing anything about it yet, but this was the blueprint for the next hot thing in professional wrestling. This was two hungry performers committing unbridled violence against each other, but in a manner that felt totally earned and organic.

This was one of the most physical matches in recent WWE history (a trend for Oney Lorcan matches). Everything they did to each other just had a meanness to it. These two guys wanted to hurt each other.

This was not merely a random sequence of strikes and whatever. Drew and Oney managed to do it in genuinely creative ways.  They adjusted to whatever situation they were in and then did what they had to do in order to put a hurtin’ on the other. It was beautiful.

They of course also managed to present this violence in a compact package so that every little thing they did had that much more meaning. Any move could have been the end here which made the whole thing all the more dramatic and exciting.

On top of all that, this match was not just merely successful on a physical level. This was a statement match for both competitors.

For Drew McIntyre, he let the world know that he is back and he is in his fucking prime. He is ready to go and is a star right now. In 2009, he was the “Chosen One.” The promise is finally fulfilled. If WWE does not recognize that he is a genuine main event star waiting to happen, they are useless.

For Oney, this was the wake-up match for anyone in a position of power in the company. If you watch this match and do not immediately recognize his skill, charisma, and ability to push WWE’s product forward, then you simply are no longer credible enough to be making decisions in the company.

Not every match needs to be short. Not every match needs to be a physical beating. It is often fantastic when those qualities do come together though. Someone with vision and access to resources needs to find a way to market this kind of wrestling so that it can find its niche in the American wrestling scene somehow. This is crowd-pleasing wrestling at its simplest. Someone needs to capitalize on it.

This was the best match of the year, and we will hopefully see much more like in the not-so distant future. (*****)


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