Triple H vs. Seth Rollins from WWE 2017

This was an unsanctioned match.

After this show started with nothing but watchable and/or good matches for five hours, we were finally treated to a failure. This was complete and utter shit.

First off, it did not feel like an unsanctioned match at all. There was no sense of danger or true violence. It instead just felt like a limp grudge match between two guys who have a long history of not being able to work these matches well.

The first half of the match was all about HHH WORKING OVER THE LEG of Seth. It was dull as fuck as HHH is not a compelling worker on top for long and Seth is basically just good at being a lunatic high-flying hot tag.

The second half was all about Seth ignoring his injured knee and doing a series of highspots sporadically. It concluded with Stephanie McMahon going through a table and HHH walking into a pedigree for the loss.

This was a chore to sit through and no one in the crowd seemed to care at all about it. I do get some perverse enjoyment though from Triple H using his annual Wrestlemania match to solidify himself as one of the worst main-eventers in wrestling history though. (*)


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