The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns from WWE 2017

This was a no disqualification match.

Well, this was not very good unfortunately. There were a few moments in the beginning where it looked like it might be a perfectly fine way for Taker to close out his career. He was hobbled clearly and couldn’t do much. Reigns was bouncing around for him though, and they were working around his limitations. Reigns speared him through a table and things seemed to be set up for a solid Wrestlemania main event all things considered.

Then the match progressively got sadder and sadder from there on out. Taker looked lost a few times. Things were getting botched. The crowd got awkwardly quiet. It just was not working out, and it kept getting worse the longer it went. Reigns finally finishing him was not dramatic at all and instead felt like a mercy killing for the fans.  We will always have 2007-2013 for The Undertaker at least. (**)


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