Neville vs. Austin Aries from WWE 2017

This was for Neville’s Cruiserweight Championship.

That was a case of a match working out well due to hard work and a handful of clever moments. The key to a lot of Wreslemania matches succeeding is the wrestlers just clearly working in some spots that help the match stand out as being unique and special.

A few of those moments here included Aries taking a bunch of bumps on his dome, them building to a massive Frankensteiner down the stretch, and Neville going after Aries’ injured eye to save himself.

Aries seemed to have the match won with the Last Chancery. Neville ruthlessly dug into Aries’ eye though to escape and then kicked a rope into the same eye. From there, Aries was easy prey for the Red Arrow. That was a fantastic finishing sequence to an otherwise solid battle. (***1/4)


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