The Hardys (Jeff & Matt Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) from Ring of Honor 2017

This was a ladder match for The Hardys’ ROH World Tag Team Championship.

As you would expect, this was a very fun and entertaining spectacle. It felt like a balance of the Hardys ladder matches of old with the more nutty Bucks ladder matches of now.

The match suffered though in part due to its overly choreographed nature at times. Some of the more spectacular moments felt very labored and contrived unfortunately.

The good news was that the match overcame that on a larger level. This match after all was not really about specific moments or even this “feud.”

This match was about the most beloved tag team from one generation going at it with the most beloved tag team of the current generation in the most popular tag teams stipulation. Thankfully, they did it quite well. The Bucks won somewhat anti-climatically with a stereo superkicks sending the Hardys from ladders to the mat. (***1/2)


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