Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode from WWE 2017

This was for Roode’s NXT Championship.

This was a total embarrassment from these two. You could not reasonably expect anything more from them at this point, but everyone involve should feel shame that this is the main event of yet another TakeOver.

These guys are just too damn old and too damn unmotivated to work like this match was remotely important. NXT needs to be about young and hungry wrestlers who use every small opportunity to prove themselves in a big way.

You maybe can get away with one old name in your main event, but you need more motivated talents like Ohno, Roddy, or Oney to bring some life to these TakeOver mains. Instead, for a YEAR, we’ve been treated to dudes in their late thirties coasting by on such pedestrian wrestling matches that they now come off as aggressively boring.

There is no urgency. There is no violence. There is no sense of danger. There is no excitement. There is no energy. It’s just cliche main event wrestling tripe.

Much like their last match, they relied on a final third that focused work on Nakamura’s injured leg to make up for the endless boring that preceded it. Things have to change. Now. Roode won cleanly in the end. (*)


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