Matt Riddle vs. Parrow vs. Tracy Williams vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Fred Yehi vs. Jon Davis vs. from WWE 2017

This was an elimination match to crown the first WWN Champion.

This was just a wonderfully executed match that was compelling and fun from beginning to end. The key was that every wrestler was presented well, and each elimination organically came about. That made the whole match seem more important.

Parrow needed a million shots and had to be quintupled teamed for minutes before he went down. The Thatch Man getting eliminated early on was a good thing due to his very long Evolve title run. Jon Davis’ WWN redemption push was continued here nicely as he survived the first two eliminations before it took three guys to finish him off.

From there, the match became about the Catch Point explosion. Yehi and Hot Sauce initially teamed up against Riddle. Hot Sauce determined that enough damage had been done that he no longer needed Yehi. A surprise fruit roll-up finished off the latter.

The match concluded with Hot Sauce trying to defeat Riddle. Hot Sauce clearly had a chip on his shoulder and was looking to prove something to the fans and himself. Riddle is more talented though and survived it all. He survived long enough in fact to submit Hot Sauce.

These giant multi-person elimination matches have a small margin of error, but this was one of the better ones produced on the indies in quite some time. Despite this match clearly from the onset being set up as a coronation for Matt Riddle and despite the odd/illogical path the booking took to get to this match, there was no question that the right person one and that the final product was fun as fuck. Check this out. (****)


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