Catch Point (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) vs. The South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper & Travis Banks) from WWN 2017

This was match #2 in an EVOLVE vs. PROGRESS series.

This really ended up being one of the most fun and satisfying matches of WWN’s 2017 Wrestlemania weekend. It was a true case of four wrestlers benefiting greatly just from pure hard work in the ring winning over a crowd. There was excellent energy and urgency to the whole thing, and one could not help but get sucked in.

They did of course do way too much down the stretch and did start to lose some steam. They at least ended on a high note though, as the crowd exploded for Dickinson doing a one-count spot only to then to be immediately killed to give SPPT the win. GOOD match. (***1/2)

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