Asuka vs. Ember Moon from WWE 2017

This was for Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship.

This was a solid match that told a really good story even if they lost steam and excitement along the way.

From the get go, Asuka treated Ember like a genuine threat, and Ember proved to be up for the challenge. She took it to Asuka right away, and this felt like a star-making match for Ember.

Ember did eventually get cut off, and Asuka dominated her for a good while. Ember made a valiant comeback though, and it seemed like she had a genuine chance to win.

Asuka betrayed everyone though and utilized the referee’s body to crotch Ember. A simple kick to the face finished Ember from there.

Asuka’s heel turn was very well done here, and it hopefully will lead to some cool stuff on future TakeOvers. Ember Moon’s chase to the title should be the big story in the women’s title scene for the rest of the year. (***)


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