Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Michael Elgin from Evolve 2017

This was for Zack’s Evolve Championship.

They did a small angle the night before to add some juice to this one. If nothing else, the angle set them up to at least be mad at each other in this match.

Unfortunately, the match itself ended up being work with basically no intensity. The best word to describe this match would be “relaxed.”

Elgin controlled the great majority it. Zack made some token attempts to go after the left arm. There just was no passion here at all. Even Zack getting busted open did not really chance the tone of this one at all.

To compound the issue even more, the match just kept going and going and going. The official runtime was not even *that* long, but they worked it like they were going 45 or something.

This was a total house show match, and Evolve does not run enough to justify any of those. Zack won via fruit roll-up. (*3/4)


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