Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Cobb from WrestleCon 2017

This was for Blaster’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

WrestleCon is the annual show where talented wrestlers show up just for the paycheck and intriguing matchups come to die.

Now, to be fair, there was not much hope for this one in the first place. Jeff Cobb barely tries in Evolve where everyone and their mother busts their fucking ass. There was little chance we would get something different from him here.

Lashley has been on fire in TNA for years now, but he also suffered from the WrestleCon disease here and worked as it if was no one was watching.

Combine two poor efforts and a disinterested crowd, and you get yourself a real poor excuse for a wrestling match. HARD PASS ON THIS MATCH. (3/4*)


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