Zack Sabre Jr. vs. ACH from Evolve 2017

This was for Zack’s Evolve Championship.

This match really overachieved by aiming lower (yes, that makes perfect sense). Instead of forcing an epic battle for the AGES or some shit, they just worked a really simple contest that put a premium on logical decision making and competitive action.

Zack started targeting the left arm. ACH fought back. No man was able to dominate the other for longer than a few sequences or really maintain a significant advantage. Eventually, ACH got caught in a triangle in the middle of the ring, and then Zack tied up all of his limbs in knots until ACH was forced to submit. Good stuff.

The post-ROH run for ACH has not been particularly good, but this was hopefully a turning point for him. Zack continues to be much more consistent in 2017 than 2016. These are all positive things. (***1/2)


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