Keith Lee vs. Ricochet from Evolve 2017

Watching Keith Lee for the past year has been a strange experience. In places like Beyond Wrestling, he was positioned as a tremendous professional wrestler who was already capable of greatness. In ROH, he was an undercard tag wrestler in a company that was in desperate need of genuine greatness.

While it was great that a place like Beyond gave Keith a fantastic platform to showcase his true potential, ROH misusing him for so long was clearly the bigger story. How could a company that was on the verge of bleeding talent and truly in need of a massive shakeup miss the ball on Keith so badly?

ROH’s failure has been Evolve’s gain though. (And as Evolve’s 2017 Wrestlemania weekend will prove/has proven, ROH’s failureS will be Evolve’s gainS.)

Keith Lee proved here that he is already one of the best wrestlers in the world, and that he has all the tools to become a major star. He has the charisma. He has the personality. He has the size. He has the ability to dominate a match in a truly compelling manner.

Here, he spent most of the match effortlessly destroying Ricochet. The issue for him though was his overconfidence. He didn’t have that killer instinct needed to just finish Ricochet then and there when he clearly had the chance.

That gave Ricochet an opening, and Ricochet took full advantage of it. He needed every move in his arsenal, but it was enough. A 630 finally kept Keith Lee down to give Ricochet the win.

While it was beyond questionable to give Ricochet a win over Keith Lee given the context of their careers in Evolve, there was no doubt they told an amazing story here and put on a legitimately great match. (****)

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