Will Ospreay vs. Jimmy Havoc from PROGRESS 2017

This was a fan brings the weapons, loser leaves town match.

Wrestling can sometimes be this incredibly subtle art form that makes you reevaluate just how seriously we should be taking it. Then there are matches like this that are so incredibly broad and seem way too stupid but are also such a load of big, dumb fun.

This was like great genre wresting, as it featured super over-the-top characters and deathmatch wrestling. It was executed so well though because it fully dived into the ridiculousness of everything transpiring on screen while never mocking it.

Will Ospreay basically comes off like an annoying lad in every single match that he has these days. This match saw him full embracing it but while still delivering a suicidal physical performance.

He’s an obnoxious asshole in every way and wears a red bowtie with a white suit because he thinks it is genuinely cool. He acts like he’s real fucking hard but he cries his eyes out whenever Havoc does something truly hardcore to him. All the while, he’s still doing crazy fucking flips. In other words, this was probably peak Ospreay.

Jimmy Havoc has long been one of the very best overall performers in the UK, but his time in PROGRESS (especially as their champion) was mired by exceptionally irritating booking. Here, he was freed from those issues and just got to be a hardcore nutter who destroyed his body for very dumb matches. It was a fantastic performance.

They overbooked this one to the fullest degree but what else should you do in a fans bring the weapons match that adds a “Loser Leaves Town” stipulation halfway through? This was one of the best spectacles of 2017. (****)

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