Trevor Lee vs. Chip Day from CWF-MA 2017

You can watch this match here.

This was for Trevor’s CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship.

This was basically a NJPW style main event in a CWF ring. The first ten plus minutes of the match were them doing a feeling-out-process which is clearly an overdone thing in wrestling. (It at least made sense since these two have not actually had a match before.)

Things got better when Trevor got control. They capitalized on the serious tone established in the dull opening third by delivering a very physical match from there on out. Trevor was looking to hurt Chip, and Chip had to respond in kind to make it competitive.

The key to the success of this portion of the match was that they did not do anything that could be easily ignored later on (such as extensive leg work – ignoring extensive leg work is the mark of a true NJPW main event). They instead focused on just being physical and continuing the serious tone.

They set themselves up to deliver a fully satisfying match after that but parts of the final minutes really undermined it. When you’re doing a 30+ minute match that is relying on being as physical as possible and delivering punishment, doing no-sell/one-count spots are just so ridiculously stupid. Those spots in general have such a small margin of error that they should be avoided basically forever, but they really do not sit well after this kind of match.

This was a great effort that others will/have obviously love/d. If reading the words “NJPW main event” appeals to you, you will probably be one of the people who like it. A thirty minute plus match with so much time spent doing nothing and then a frustrating end are just not for everyone.  Trevor won cleanly in the end. (**3/4)

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