Io Shirai vs. Kairi Hojo from Stardom 2017

This was for Io’s World of Stardom Championship.

With both women likely heading to New York in the not-so distant future, Stardom wisely had them go at it one final time. Fittingly, they worked the battle like it was a clash of the titans who were throwing everything at each other.

Io is the better performer of the two, and she worked like it for the majority of the match. Hojo was right there though and made Io earn every inch. Hojo kept clawing and digging for everything that she got that you could not help but believe she might win. The momentum was arguably on her side down the stretch, and the drama down the stretch was great as a result.

This was a really fun title match between two top stars. Long-term fans probably will also find lots of small touches that elevate it more for them. Everyone should watch it though. Io won cleanly via moonsault. (****)


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