Matt Riddle vs. Matt Tremont from Beyond Wrestling 2017

Watch this match here.

This was a barbed wire death match.

This was one of those matches that greatly benefited from the sheer absurdity of its mere existence. Matt Riddle has future Wrestlemania main-eventer written all over him, and here he was working a death match with Matt Tremont.

Riddle braided up his luscious locks and decided to pretty much go all the way with this one. It did not turn into a blood bath or anything like that mind you. Riddle managed to take though the barbed wire bat to the forehead spot, a DVD through a barbed wire board, and several bumps into thumbtacks. Watching non-death match guys delve into death matches almost always works on that “What am I watching!” level, and this was not the exception.

Beyond that, the match succeeded just based on the execution. It was paced very well, and they spaced the big spots out in a manner that allowed them all time to breath. This was exactly how a special attraction midcard match show be done. GOOD stuff. Riddle won after a super fisherman buster through a barbed wire board. (***1/2)


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