Drew Galloway vs. Zema Ion from AAW 2017

Watch this match here.

This will likely be one of the very best AAW matches of the year. Both guys, who are almost definitely peaking as performers right now, went all out to deliver the best match possible.

Zema set the pace and tone from the start by jumping Galloway and throwing big spots right at him. He knew the much larger and stronger Galloway had a clear advantage so he could not waste any time. It was just exciting AND smart wrestling (see, it can be done!).

Galloway was clearly not going to go down just like that. He came storming back and was just mauling Zema. It started with these two incredible belly-to-belly throws that seemed to legitimately send Zema from one end of the ring to the other. That sequence was an amazing exclamation point to signal the change in control. Fantastic stuff.

From there, the match played out largely how you would expect. Galloway used his size and strength advantage. Zema would occasionally make fiery comebacks where he would just throw whatever he had left at Galloway. The predictability of the story did not detract from what they did though in any way.

Beyond a somewhat “off” final minute or two, this was damn near everything you could have wanted from this one. Go out of your way to see it. Galloway won with the giant swinging Future Shock. (****1/4)

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