Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens from WWE 2017

Oh yes. Oh yes, this was beautiful. Owens jumped Brock and started punching the hell out of him as the latter attempted to take off his shirt. From there, Owens went for the quick kill with a senton atomico. Brock kicked out. Owens didn’t hesitate though. He immediately followed up by going for a moonsault.

Brock managed to German him off the top rope though. From there, you knew Brock was going to win. They did manage to throw in one last great moment to make this even more satisfying.

Brock was doing the parade of Germans. Owens was able to grab on to the ropes at one point though. Brock swiftly transitioned to a sleeper which forced Owens to let go of the ropes. Brock then promptly hit the final German before finishing him with an F-5. Beautiful. (***3/4)


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