Rush vs. L.A. Park from Baracal Entertainment 2017

As you would expect, this was a crazy brawl with blood, guts, and violence everywhere. It was absolutely glorious most of the time.

Beyond the great violence and destruction in there, this match also featured a great contrast in characters. Rush is this incredible rudo who makes himself seem extra hateable with everything that he does. Park is this fat brawler who still manages to bust out beautiful tope suicidas and planchas. When you combine that dynamic with the violence they perform on one another, it’s basically a can’t miss situation.

The only real issue with the match was that they seemed to run out of steam bit in the final minutes. That lull coinciding with a ton of overbooking and a convoluted finish ended things on a less-than-satisfying note. Those issues were nowhere near enough though to not call this one great. It will almost definitely be one of the most memorable spectacles of the year and something non-lucha fans should seek out. Park won after the referee reversed his original decision. (****1/4)


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