Jay Lethal vs. Bobby Fish from Ring of Honor 2017

Absurd. That is the only word that comes to mind when thinking about how good this match ended up being.

Bobby Fish is one of those talented dudes who just clearly works a lot of the time like he doesn’t care at all. That becomes even more clear when you see performances like this one.

His work on top here was focused, smart, subtle, and relentless. He came across here as basically the perfect midcard wrestler. He seemed like the “automatic” wrestler that should always be good for a quality match on each show.

He started out early on with a BRUTAL sole kick to the abdomen of Lethal. My gawd, was it ever fucking brutal. You knew within a minute or two, just from that moment, that this was not going to be your typical match.

The next great moment came when Lethal went for his tope suicida. It was a standard comeback spot that was timed generally when a lot of people do it. What was special about? Fish basically avoided the dive and forced Lethal to crash in the guardrail…abdomen first. All of a sudden, Lethal has taken two huge shots to one portion of his body.

From there, Bobby had firm control. He also had a clear weakness to attack. They did a great job of keeping it competitive though so it was never too one-sided or repetitive. This led to Lethal finally connecting on the tope suicida he missed the first time.

Fish didn’t back down though in the slightest. Instead, he invited the challenge and just fired back with a blistering series of strikes and whatnot. He knew he was better rested so inviting Lethal to attempt a few shots actually was the SMART thing to do. He won that battle easily.

He made a mistake though. He lost sight of what he had accomplished in the match and overplayed his hand. He over committed to the ankle lock for no reason, and Lethal exploited that by hitting an Ace Crusher out of nowhere.

Bobby didn’t recognize his mistake and later went for the ankle lock again. Perhaps in a match where he was able to focus on the leg, that decision would have gotten him the win. Lethal was able to get to the ropes here.

Now, the race was on. Fish decided to double down on the leg work. Lethal was now just throwing bombs with the tiny opening that he had. Lethal crossed the finish line first when he was able to connect on the Lethal Injection.

What in the fucking world happened here. This match was like living and breathing proof that wrestlers are so lazy most of the time, as it didn’t take any extra PHYSICAL effort to make this match great. It was just mental effort. A little bit of thought mixed in with a typical ┬ámidcard physical effort gave us a great fucking match. FUCK. (****1/2)


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