Anthony Henry vs. Martin Stone from Style Battle 2017

This was a first round match in the third Style Battle of season 1.

This was a fun physical battle. They possibly could have gotten more out of going a little shorter here, but there’s also some truth to the idea that not EVERY match should be short on a show like this because it makes things to predictable. If you were going to pick two guys to go a little bit longer, these were probably the two do to do it with.

The story here was that the match super competitive and with neither guy really being able to dominate the other. Stone eventually picked up the victory with a hanging DDT. The rub though was that Henry had hit foot on the rope at 1, but the referee missed it. Stone grabbed the leg to make sure he got the three.This was solid action with a finish that was just satisfying enough to not be bothered by the indecisiveness of it. (***)


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