The Hardys (Jeff & Matt Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) from Ring of Honor 2017

This was for the Bucks’ ROH World Tag Team Championship.

This was genuinely one of the savviest ROH booking decisions in quite some time. Turning the Hardys/Bucks feud into a surprise one-month angle is one of those things that wrestling needs more of in general.

The WWE has established wrestling to be this never-series soap opera with no real beginnings and ends. Every other wrestling company should aim to get away from that.

The Hardys popped up a month early here and had an impromptu tag title match. Both teams ran around for a bit and provided some fun action. The match was larger than anything physically done in the ring. The surprise match and sudden exit from TNA for the Hardys elevated this one all on its own.

The Hardys winning was totally the right call, as it meant the company was actually capitalizing on an act that people enjoy. You go, ROH. You did something right here. Next step: capitalize on great talent that YOU produce. (***1/2)


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