Sal Rinauro vs. Jaden Newman vs. Ryan Vega vs. Kevin Blue vs. Ray Ray vs. Chip Day vs. Trevor Aeon vs. Chip Hazard vs. Talon Williams vs. Mecha Mercenary vs. Ike Cross vs. Corey Hollis vs. AC Mack vs. Cyrus vs. Torque vs. Baniac vs. Kyle Matthews vs. Brad Cash vs. Chase Jordan vs. Adrian Armour vs. Tommy Maserati vs. Chris Crunk vs. Tank vs. Austin Theory vs. Billy Buck vs. Shane Noles vs. Alan Angels vs. Shane Marx vs. Matt Lynch vs. Murder-1 from SCI 2017

Watch this match here.

This was the Scenic City Invitational Rumble Match.

Royal Rumble matches are definitely way more fun when you know 95% of the wrestlers, but this was just fun enough to overcome my lack of southern indie knowledge. Everyone was working their ass off here, and the match came off very well and seemed like a big deal as a result.

The other key to the match was that they did a really nice job of setting up a compelling closing sequence. After winning the semi-main event, the three members of The Hierarchy were all in here at the end against Tank. Tank managed to overcome the odds though and eliminate all three members of the dastardly heels to win the Rumble. This was fun, easy to watch, and satisfying. (***)

Tank selected Matt Riddle as his first round opponent for the 2017 Scenic City Invitational Tournament.


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