Iceberg & Tank vs. The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) vs. The Lynch Mob (Joey Lynch & Matt Lynch) from SCI 2017

Watch this match here.

While this did feature a handful of labored spots and cringe-inducing decisions from the competitors, this was an incredibly fun match and successful opener. Pretty much everyone got to look good and the focus was clearly on the four younger competitors.

There was just a great energy to this match that made this whole thing impossible not to enjoy. All six guys were busting their asses, and they took the crowd on an exciting ride. This was exactly what he show needed to get things going.

The finish was also cool. Kerry had Iceberg in a Boston Crab, and Iggy was continuously throwing forearms at the defenseless Iceberg. The referee kept trying to throw Iggy off but the latter would not stop. The referee eventually gave up and called for the bell. It initially seemed like he was calling for a DQ or throwing out the match (which would have been abysmal), but he ruled the match in the favor of The Carnies. Love it. (***1/2)

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