Corey Hollis, Gunner Miller & Kevin Blue vs. The Hierarchy (Adrian Armour, Chip Day & Murder-1) from SCI 2017

Watch this match here.

This match had some good ideas and moments, but it never really seemed to come together as a whole to be as satisfying as you would hope it would be.

The most interesting story in the match was the whole deal with Corey Hollis. According to the commentary, Hollis’ mental health had deteriorated dramatically after he hadn’t been signed by a national company in the last six months. He was just a mess in this one. He was not cooperative with his teammates at all and seemed to only be a detriment to their success. He eventually walked out on the match.

Beyond that though, the match just felt like a series of scattered moments and sequences instead of a tight package. Ah well. It at least did not go too long. (**1/2)


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