Jimmy Rave vs. Gary Jay from AWE 2017


This was a fine battle. Jimmy Rave’s strategy of stalling at the beginning of matches felt a little tedious here unfortunately. The match was about 15 minutes long, and it legit took half the match for things to get going properly.

There’s obviously a lot of logic to Rave’s in-ring strategy, but this seemed like a good spot to throw fans a curveball. Jay is known these days for the violent sprints, and it would have been great to see Rave thrown off his strategy and have to adjust right away.

With that in mind, the second half of the match was much more fun, as Jay finally decided to just go balls to wall. It was a strong second half and helped to compensate for the irritating first half. Jay eventually caught Rave with an elbow smash for the win. (**3/4)


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