Lio Rush vs. Shigehiro Irie from PWB 2017


It’s not clear why Lio Rush and Shigehiro Irie decided to put on a shoot in Bumblefuck Indie, USA, but their effort should be appreciated all the same.

They did a very wise thing and decided to take advantage of the “big vs. small” story that was just sitting right there for them. These two could tell that story in their sleep.

They didn’t settle for that though and instead used that frame to enhance this incredible athletic display. The effort here was PPV worthy for whatever reason, and it was a very compelling match as a result.

The only knock on it was that the match went through a slight lull once Irie took control. Things heated up soon after that though, and it did not come close to ruining the match.

Make sure you check this one one. (***3/4)


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