Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page from Evolve 2017


This was so fucking good. They were so smart about how they worked the match. They had about nine minutes, and they managed to make every moment matter.

Darby started the match with a coffin drop to the floor on Ego and The Gatekeepers. Ego responded by toss Darby from the stage into a ringpost.

Ego thought it was all over he decided to handcuff Darby’s hands behind his back to really do some damage. All hope appeared to be lost, but Darby then made a wild NO HANDS comeback. This was one of the coolest comebacks you’ll ever see.

Ego needed an avalanche powerslam, an RKO, and a powerbomb to the still-handcuffed Darby to put him away. It was a classic case of both guys coming off well. Yes, Ego won “cleanly,” but look what it took to actually win “cleanly.”

This was just fucking fantastic and will likely be one of the best and most memorable matches of the year in all of wrestling. What the fuck. (****1/4)


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