Darby Allin vs. Austin Theory from Evolve 2017


This was a short match with a number of fun spots and sequences. There was a very green moment though about halfway through the match that took away from the overall presentation.

Theory went for an Asai Moonsault. He basically whiffed on Darby entirely and instead fully connected with a metal barricade. He connected so flush with the barricade in fact that it looked like he planned to actually give the metal barricade the Asai Moonsault. That brings us to the issue.

The problem was not with the physical botch but with what happened immediately afterwards. Theory went right back to working over Darby. In other words, they basically acknowledged the botch as a botch and decided to pretend as if the spot went correctly. That was incredibly dumb.

Anyway, this match does not deserve such an extensive burial for a ten second sequence in a five-minute match. That sequence was pretty damning though. Theory won cleanly. (**1/2)

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