Io Shirai vs. Shayna Baszler from Stardom 2017


This was for Io’s World of Stardom Championship.

Wrestling is great. Especially when it features the best wrestler in the world, Io Shirai.

Io was tested in a completely different manner here than she was the month prior against Viper. There, Io had to take on the monster who had a massive size and strength advantage. Here, Io had to take on the former UFC fighter who was clearly a submission expert.

Baszler took it right to Io and seemed to have a winning strategy. She went after Io’s right arm early on with some deadly-looking submissions. Io needed a game changer so she busted out a Frankensteiner, a massive dive to the floor, and then even attacked Baszler with a chair.

That threw Baszler off her game, and it got her away from her effective strategy. She instead started throwing out kicks and attempting to choke Io out. While these were dangerous maneuvers and weakened Io, they did not exploit the damage done earlier to the arm.

Baszler finally went back to the arm at the end, but she already missed her window. By that point, Io had too much momentum and was throwing out too many signature spots. Io was eventually able to finish her with the tombstone/moonsault combo.

This was some absolutely fantastic pro wrestling. Great action. Great story. Great environment. Great fun. (****1/2)




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