Shigehiro Irie vs. Curt Stallion from GPW 2017


This was a semifinal match in a tournament to crown the first Glory Pro Champion.

This should be one of those matches that gets passed around to indie wrestlers everywhere because so many wrestlers should be working like these two did here.

They maximized their time. They told a compelling story that used the classic wrestling tropesĀ of “big vs. small” and “vet vs. young boy.” (Two ideasĀ that ALWAYS go well together.)

They tried exceptionally hard and made sure to work as intensely, physically, and with as much urgency as possible. It then had an amazing exclamation point finish with Irie doing a suplex into a coquina clutch to end Stallion in sudden and dramatic fashion.

In other words, it should be of no fucking surprise that the crowd was worked into a goddamn shoot over this one.

It’s also worth noting how much harder Irie worked here compared to other places on the US indie scene. He looked like one of the best guys on the scene (which he probably is) here, and it really revealed a lot about what wrestlers think of the places he works at. (****)


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