Matt Riddle vs. Michael Elgin from GPW 2017


This was for Riddle’s PROGRESS Atlas Championship.

This was both a very good match and a great start to Elgin booking himself in his own promotion.

The match itself was everything that there is to like about Matt Riddle. Riddle works matches as if he is always trying to win. There was not a ton of wasted time. It was just two dudes trying to beat the shit out of each as quickly as possible. Riddle just happened to take this one.

Riddle really brought out the best of Elgin here in a manner that Elgin would do well to replicate elsewhere. He clearly has the potential to still be a great indie wrestler if he wants to be. This could be a major year for him outside of the NJPW bubble.

It is also important to note that Elgin did very well for himself and his own promotion here. The company openly discussed on the show how he is the literal owner. With that in mind, he didn’t put himself on last over the promotion’s championship. He didn’t try to outshine Riddle in any way. He didn’t put himself over. These things need to continue.

Everything about this suggests a potentially bright future for GPW. Let’s hope for the best. (***3/4)


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